quarta-feira, abril 21, 2004

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So yesterday was not over until today!

First, I woke up late to go to the radio station, so I did not get to shower, eat, have COFFEE or anything. Luckily I wasn't so late that the poor 2-6am DJ was dieing to leave and was nice enough to go buy me a bottle of water so I could in fact function in the studio, as it was 80 degrees in there this morning... So, 4 long hours, now that's done.

I leave the station and head back to the USDA to have my new Rabies certificates for the cats that I picked up last night between class and showing a movie to my students. After all the bull shit from yesterday, I would think they could have gotten it right. The woman at the USDA is not happy that they were signed by the vet assistant in place of the vet. So, guess where I got to go? Back to the old vet a THIRD time. Apparently the vet didn't get it that the first two times I was there to get this document that I was SERIOUS the they were necessary to leave the country (I really am very displeased with them for wasting my time); perhaps they just thought I wanted them for some non official reason (can you hear the sarcasm in my writing? If not, I can call you...). I drive back across town, pick up the third copy of certificates, take those back to the USDA, they stamp those and finally I am close to getting them on the way.

Only problem now was that I had not gotten the money order for the documents to be approved by the consulate. I had planned to do that after I left the station but I had had to do all this driving back and forth across town again, so now I was out of time. So, I take the envelopes from the USDA office with me and rush back to campus for a meeting at 12. I arrive just in time to walk into the meeting, get some handouts, and explain my aggravation to a few colleagues who listened while making these terrible wincing faces (perhaps I was spitting on them in my hurry and irritation).

After the meeting, I walk across campus to the bank to get a money order for the consulate, then walk to the post office to see if I can mail FedEx from there - I cannot. So, I call the number on the envelope to find out how much I must write the check for the mail it, and what the proper procedure is for these types of things. At least they were very nice. Did you know you can just write a check and stick it in the pocket with the airbill or whatever it's called? Seems a little unsafe to me...

So here I am with this damn envelope and I am no where near a drop box. I just want to get rid of the damn thing now, I am so tired of this process. And I have to do all this for my police record, my diplomas, what else.... If I have to go back out to that vet office again in the next week, I am going to pop...

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