sábado, maio 28, 2005

So here we are in winter. You wouldn't know it by the temperature, but it might be identifyable by the type of rain. The heat has been unusually high the last few days, yet the nights are pleasantly cool enough to use a sheet to cover one's self for a change. Not that I sleep much these days. Julian has decided night time is when he will eat real meals, as opposed to the snacks he eats every 20 minutes several times a day. I suppose I should be greatful on some level. I already was waking up that often to go pee while I was still pregnant, so small blessings: these days I don't have to get out of bed, I just have to find something to soak up the extra milk with.

Two days ago we kinda warped his schedual by going on a late night ice cream run - put him in a car seat and into a car or into an environment with a lot of noise and he sleeps like... well, like a baby. He sleeps very hard. Due to this, he slept right through his normal awake time, so he decided to make up for it at 3AM. Awake time consists of about 3 to 4 hours where he is fussy, wants to walk around and look at things, and generally makes a lot of grunting, snorting, farting, whining noises. If I don't hold him during these times, he cries and cries and cries. So 3AM rolls around and guess who wants to go for a walk in the stroller? Of course, I'm not really going to go do this at 3AM in my underware, so we listened to some NPR on the computer instead. It was actually quite enjoyable and eventually he fell asleep agaist my chest while I was sitting here, at about 6:30AM. I remember distintly writing in my blog, about this time last year, that I was going to watch the sunrise at some point here. So a year later, it finally happens. Better late than never.

O Maridão has a client comming to do a map today, so I must go set up the tent downstairs, make things look mystical. Better take advantage of Ju's mid morning nap. This is generally when I get to shower, eat, and do my own things. He sleeps almost 2 and a half hours strait. If only they weren't weed wacking the grass here since 7AM this morning, I could have napped too. Oh well.

quinta-feira, maio 12, 2005

Sorry for the long span between posts here. Julian was born May 1st, so anyone with kids can imagine what life has been like since then. But fear not, I will return with a full report as soon as I can sit here long enough to write one.