sexta-feira, julho 28, 2006

School will soon begin again. Being back at work has done wonders for my depressed mood. I have been moved from the G4 to the G3 assistant position, now working under a woman that I doubt many people can take on right off the back (or is it bat?), but who I actually get along with very well. I was so inspired I spent most of today painting a lovely mural on the window, slightly based on the art work of Todd Parr, with flying children and the like. Everyone has been by to compliment it, with the one exception being the superintendent, with whom I don't get along with anyway.

Ju's vocabulary has expanded to include the word PUM, which means fart (for those of you who don't know). He even laughs when he farts now, which is quite amuzing. Sometimes I hear a fart and I think it was O Maridão, but he always blames it on Ju. I'm not sure when he's lying.

I have to stop eating these damn dark chocolate m&m's. The nanny is getting slimmer and I'm getting fat.

domingo, julho 16, 2006

More time spent in the States means more reflection on what exactly I am doing here.