terça-feira, setembro 30, 2008

Too many things to do.

terça-feira, setembro 23, 2008

Is this for real?

Nope, it's not.

domingo, setembro 21, 2008


(who left this cup on juice here to spill?, why are cars everywhere?)
"It didn was me!"

(it's time for bed, go sit down, put away that toy)
"No! I don't!"

Do all English speaking kids say these things, or is it a bilingual thing?

segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2008

Ona-key passed away in the early hours of this morning.

sábado, setembro 13, 2008

There is playdough of various types all over my house. Little bits and pieces that Ju has used for all kinds of things - stamping cars in it, making it into "food" on his play stove... Now he has discovered that the nice wooden letter and number stamps make very clear marks in it when he squishes it onto the floor in front of the T.V.

"Mommy, look, they're sliding."

"Oh Ju, everything is going to get massinha all over it."

"It's alright mommy, we can wash it."

He is also trying to figure out death, since we watched "Thomasina" and the main character, a cat, dies and then comes back to life. It's hard to grasp this concept, since kids this age have to experience things to understand them. He has been making comments like "My mouth is dead. It won't eat." or "The spider is dead" (his hand is frequently a spider that gets into mischief all over) as his hand lays palm up on the table, motionless, and then "It's alive again!" as it moves. Many times in the past, he used to say something didn't have a "pila" (battery) when it wasn't working ("my mouth don't have a pila!") and these associations are now linked with death - something not moving means it's dead. From the perspective of a three year old, I'm not sure it can get much clearer than that. Maybe he will get the idea, finally, when we have to take Ona-key to the vet later this week, although she hardly moves now.

sexta-feira, setembro 12, 2008

The Ona-key saga continues - she now has two open wounds on her left paw that have been open wounds for almost a month now, and today the other paw opened up. She now has a huge bandaged on each of her front feet. Today, while trying to wash her again (as she only sleeps in her own pee, it's become quite a frequent event), she bit me. It wasn't a malicious bite I am sure, just a reaction to being sprayed with the hose in the shower, which I am sure she doesn't like much. It's not very deep either and considering I was in the shower at the time and was able to wash it immediately, I doubt there is much risk of infection. When I came back down with my ring finger bandaged, I told Ju that Ona-key had bitten me, to which he replied "I'm angry with the Ona-key. She did a coisa fea!" and folded his arms to show his mood. I explained to him that she didn't mean to bite me, that it was because she feels sick and doesn't like to get wet, but he still insists he is angry with her. I'm surprised he didn't say she had to go into time out or something. I can't help but feel happy at his anger about an injustice done to mommy, despite the cat not deserving it. It is cute.

segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2008

Ho hum, four of my students have come down with chicken pox so far. Poor things. I may have caused an epidemic, at least in my class it seems. This means mountains of paper work for our poor nurse and my superintendent is freaking out, not to mention my principal.

My mother had told me over the weekend that she thought I had shingles. This just goes to show me I should always listen to my mother when it comes to stuff with my health. She's generally on the ball, even if she is 4,000 miles away.