segunda-feira, abril 30, 2007

News for today: Shout pretreater will take crayon off a wall, but it will also take the paint off the wall.

domingo, abril 08, 2007

Truely appreciating Sesame Street comes with a realization that I am old. I can remember how much I looked forward to watching it, singing the theme song, and I'm sure I must have learned something from it along the way. It was my favorite show for years, and then suddenly, I think about the time my parents divorced, I suddenly wasn't into it anymore - I had learned all it had to offer and it became boring. Then came years of boycotting it as a "baby show" because I was so grown up (we all go through this in 3 phases I think - when you're 8-9, when you're 14-18, and then again when you are really and adult but feel like you couldn't possible know everything yet - where I am now; I think you really don't know everything until you are somewhere around 50).

Then there was the revival in highschool, conviniently matched to the release of the "Tickle Me Elmo" toy that was the gift of the Xmas season when I was 16. I remember Elmo back packs, T-shirts, and little fuzzy lunch boxes that we used as purses to carry our makeup that we were too young to really be wearing in public. Actually, now that I think about it, the revival was almost purely Elmo based, a character I was never a big fan of when I as a kid, yet became the "IT" character for my teenaged years. Hmmmm....

It faded into the background again until I had Ju, when suddenly I am watching it again, but in DVD form. Now I get the jokes - the three crows who sing about counting are the "counting crows," "MC Elmo" rapping is a catchy way to learn about the number 5, and I am truely appreciating the clear and subliminal way you count to number 8 with the music (incase you are curious, the current favorite is the "1,2,3 Count with Me" DVD). Part of this comes from working in the preschool for the last 2 years, but I think it mostly comes from the fact that I have to watch this stuff at home all the time, and Jim Henson was really thinking when he made it appeal to parents as well, especially to youngish parents who still like current bands, keep up with music trends, and appreciate dancing. I have the "counting crows" stuck in my head all day.

What's so nice is that I see it has changed little, except for the music styles, over the years - the structure is still the same, a central story with short little related blips of educational material that is related in some way. What's making me feel old is that fact that the characters, not just the muppets, but the actual people who live there like Maria and Gordon, are still there, but older. They are still enthusiastic, smiley, and get the kids excited. It's a little bit like visiting my parents' friends who I remember from when I was a kid, but now I too am an "adult" and can talk to them like another "adult."

I am old, but I am not grown up. I still love kids shows.

sexta-feira, abril 06, 2007

Haha, just have to add -

Cleaning n Washing Tips
Make Toilet Bowl Sprinkle

Keep the toilet bowl sprinkling - Mix equal parts baking soda and borax around bowl, add white vinegar, and finally clean with toilet brush. For stubborn stains, leave mixture in overnight.

Do you think they did it on purpose....

So on Monday I will start teaching in the ESL as the temporary teacher while the permanent one is on maternity leave. Will this guarantee me a teaching position for next year? I hope so. I also interview for a position on Monday. So I can't sleep lately. I keep having nightmares that I go to the wrong class, forget where I work, and parents are trying to blame me for things.

Just think back and remember you are in control of your life, you are an adult. You probably won't screw up.

domingo, abril 01, 2007

April fools days is upon us. Did I notice? Not really.

Have I left the house since Friday? Nope.

Will I do something productive today? Yes, I am actually.

Hooray for weekend #2 with no car.