sábado, outubro 04, 2008

Play with Ju today, we built a "cake" out of the pillows on our bed. Then we had the following conversation. (for those who don't speak Portuguese: molhado is "wet" and melando is "dirtying")

(I am laying across all the pillows)

"Okay, mommy is going to take a nap now. Want to nap with me?"

"No, it's a cake. You are mollando."

"I'm getting molhado from the cake?"

"No, the cake is mollando you!"

"Oh, the cake is melando me?"

"Yes, the cake is mallando you! Get off the cake!"

"I'm stuck. I can't get off"

"I'm going to shave you off the cake." (Ju then proceeds to make a buzzing noise with his lips and "shave" me with his fist. I think he got this idea from the "shave the sheep" circle game that he did during the Mary had a Little Lamb unit. Eventually I get up off the pillows and the game is over.)

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Corinne disse...

ver cute!! Kevin is just beginning to speak and it is all mixed up too. Reading entries about Ju words is like reading of what to come!!

AkuTyger disse...

Glad you enjoy them! I often think that I should sit down and actually record and catologe some of the things he says for a study or something, but I never get around to it.

Corinne disse...

Who has the time!!!

Bruno disse...

Hey! :-) Happened to find your blog by pure chance. (don't ask me how, probably just following links somewhere)

I think what Ju meant was "molhando" (instead of "melando"), which means "making you wet". Probably the cake was making you wet or something like that?

Really like your posts about Ju's portuguese words...so interesting!

You gota new reader now! ;-)

Ate mais!