terça-feira, outubro 07, 2008

About 3 years ago, I made a large flower out of wire for no apparent reason. It consists of a large hollow ball shaped out of colored wire and large petals in 2D. It has floated all over our house and finally found a nice home attached to a random nail in the upper corner of the window box area outside Ju's room in January of last year.

Today I noticed there was a bird right on the net first thing in the morning. Ju and watched if for a while until it flew away. We noticed it was stealing the grass of an old nest in the pitanga tree outside the window.

Just now I went to open the window to refresh the room before Ju goes to bed and a bird seemed to be confused, trapped in the upper area, trying to escape this surprise. I glanced out the window and saw this:

Said bird has decided this is a great place for a nest. It would be too, as long as Lela doesn't figure out whats up there. I think I may have discouraged the poor thing from coming back though, by scaring it so much opening the window like that "BANG." Let's cross our fingers that it comes back. It's a really great use for this previously useless flower.

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markuza disse...

That is so cool! btw we used to have a cat named 'Leila' - probably the sweetest cat we ever had.

Anônimo disse...

give the birdie some brazil tapes to weave in there.