domingo, outubro 12, 2008

Ju singing this morning: "Down by the station really in the morning, see the puffy little engines all in a go. You can see the puffy little engines there all in a go."

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Anônimo disse...

just saw your li'l post re: State Dept's information on driving in Brazil vs. the British embassy's one little paragraph.

if you think the U.S. version is too long...just don't read it..simple! Deriding the efforts of the U.S. to provide much more practical information to the world (opposed to a paragraph of useless stats by the brits) is a bit immature don't you think?

AkuTyger disse...

If you have a comment relevant to another post, leave it on that post. I have to admit I am at a loss as to what you are referring to. As it stands, I suspect you may be referring to something I may have written more than four years ago, in which case, yes, it may be counted as immature.

Corinne disse...

I love your telling of Ju-words!! Kevin has come up with a new one this month, instead of Mamaeee (that really annoying alongated mamae, that Brazilian kids use to nag) he says ma-mommy!! (just as annoying, but cute since for the longest time he called me ma-ma and never mommy.