sábado, outubro 11, 2008

"Mommy, do the nose!"

(I squeeze his nose hidden under a cloth he has over his face)

"and the mouth."

(I comply)

"and the eye"

(I comply)

"and the testa"

"The forehead?" (I say as I comply)

"No, it's not a forehead."

"The testa is a forehead." (I touch his forehead again)

"No, it's not a forehead. There's no four there."

2 comentários:

pamo disse...

well he his right, there is no four there.

**actually very smart. i love when kids work things out literally.

***have you had any time to sew at all?

Karina disse...

Juju is really smart, hun? He made me laugh! Bjs!