quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008

Warning to my conservative readers - there are naughty words in this post. Also, children should not be present for viewing of the video if English is their native language.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to my water bike class. It's at an academy near by our house and everyone goes there - my husband, Ju, and me - a various times during the week. We have a good relationship with all the teachers and the owner and it's been a great experience going there.

I need music to exercise - like most people. My usual water bike teacher downloads things online and brings mix CDs to play during our classes. She even went so far as to find cool down stretching music to play at the end. She has really been going all out.

Today was an exceptionally hard work out with bike, abs with leg weights on, and trampoline in cycles. In the middle of the class, right about the time I started my second abs set, a new song began to play that I had never heard before and I began to laugh so hard that I was unable to do very much. The main lyrics of this song consisted of something along the following:

I wanna lick your pussy
Put your pussy next to mine
my pussy likes a big hunk of meat in it

Then it changed:

You wanna suck my dick
I wanna lick your pussy
I wanna fuck your pussy

Mind you, as this is playing, blasting across the pool, there are numerous 7-14 year olds in various states of swimming or listening to teachers, parents, nannies, all sitting there listening to this song. I asked the teacher if she had any idea what was being sung in the song, which of course she didn't. I told her to ask my husband to translate it for her the next time he went to swim, because I just did not have sufficient slang Portuguese to do it justice.

This video about sums it up.

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sheila disse...

ha! hahahaha
oh that's good.
maybe she'll play it again if i come to class with you :D

p.s. which gym is this?? is it the one down the street that i belonged to for a little while and where i went on the dates with my personal trainer?

AkuTyger disse...

No, it's just a swim academy, on a street going up the hill that sits above our street. There is only one male teacher. It's called "Acadamia Alice & Lima." I'll take you there when you come.

pamo disse...

so funny - my husband says this type of thing happened in italy as well, when he lived there. makes me want to go read the translations of the french songs i listen to....