quinta-feira, fevereiro 07, 2008

Some interesting news on the first day back at school - Last September,they closed our gym because the roof was falling off and they were going to fix it. It remained closed through the end of the last semester, but with promises that the roof would be done by the time we came back in February. Well, sure enough, the roof is actually done (shock), but it seems that it spent so much time without a roof that the floor melted in the hot sun and summer heat. So now we have to wait another month or more before we can use the gym because they need to replace the floor. Sigh. Somehow, this is so typical, I just can't quite bring you all to understand what I feel right now.

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A.L.R. disse...

Yeah! A little extra time to catch up on your blog. That story about Ju's boo boo was a page turner (despite the fact that there are no pages).

I would love to hop off to the school with you, sometime next week if possible. I wouldn't mind staying a whole work day and helping out if you could use me.

I`ll give you a call sometime....i dunno....later. And if anything of interest comes up, entertainment wise, you know who to call. ;-)