quarta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2008

At least it's healthy....

Ju has developed some rather strange eating habits. I chalk it up to my basic rule that snacking is okay as long as it's on healthy stuff. Don't all these health magazines keep telling us that grazing all day is more healthy than several full meals. A basic day of food might run like this:

7 am - yogurt with wheat germ
8:30 - banana squished up with powdered milk
10 am - two apples
11:30 - rice, beans, some frozen peas and maybe a can of sardines
3:30 - another apple and a yogurt drink
5:30 - 1 tomato, juice, a pear
7 pm - half a french bread roll, juice

Last week he would only agree to eat his veggie soup if I would let him dip his apple in it. He ate the entire bowl as a dip. On Monday we went out for sushi and he ate all the cucumber garnishes, the sea weed off several shrimp wraps, and the roe from the sushi rolls (large orange fish eggs that look like tapioca balls).

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pamo disse...

holy cow he might be the healthiest kid on the planet. we shoot for this...but far from reach it. really. i'm impressed.

i wish you were in the states for buying a sewing machine because you really CAN get a decent one for under $100.

AkuTyger disse...

Well, it looks like I'll get to visit my parents this summer (grandparents always want to see their only grand child), so maybe I can look into buying one and taking it back with me. Any recommendations for a decent machine under $100?