quinta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2008

Ju has caught whatever I have - flu, it seems. Last night he got feverish and started crying in his sleep and coughing a lot. My husband spent most of the night sleeping on his floor trying to comfort him and giving him little sips of water. This morning after my shower, I saw he had returned to our bed and was trying to get some real sleep. I went down stairs to make coffee and force myself to eat something (having the flu kills my appetite) and then I started hearing Ju calling me upstairs. I went into his room to find him in a fit of fever nightmare, sweating and crying "Waaahhhhh, Mommy, I want another shoes! Waaaahhh, Mommy, MOMmmy! I want another shoes!" Some kind of nightmare where I wouldn't let him wear the shoes he wanted to wear I guess. I burst out laughing when I heard what he was saying in his sleep. He is now sleeping fitfully in our bed with my husband. Poor thing.

3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

my poor babies.

pamo disse...

as sad as feverish children are, i absolutely love the things they say. hope you all get better!

A.L.R. disse...

Poor boy with no shoes. I will talk to the shoe fairy to help him feel better.

ACABEU course taught by a PH.D. Surprising! Seems it will be a quality course, that demands a lot of papers and writing.

There are a ton of GRE study materials at the ACBEU library. Gonna have to jump on that horse soon. I will stop by the school when I get my motorcycle.