terça-feira, janeiro 19, 2010

How to do laundry with a four year old (when the maid is on vacation)

To do laundry with four year old, follow these instructions:

1: get all laundry consolidated at the top of the stairs.

2: throw, toss or otherwise utilized gravity to ensure the laundry begins it's decent to the floor below.

3: alternately, you can ride the laundry down on your butt (just make sure there is enough to cushion your bottom if it's like mine). Wooden stairs make a great laundry sledding hill.

4: if you are four, bury yourself in the laundry, it's fun.

4.5: break for lunch.

5: sort into piles of whites versus things that will bleed with darks, and light colors, also towels and sheets.

6: spend all day loading into machine, and then slowly painstakingly hanging them all on ceiling racks which are really hard to pull up.

7: wait 3 days for it all to dry, by which time there will be more laundry to throw.

I remember my mom yelling at me for doing this on her carpeted stairs, telling me that it would ruin them. I will never have to fight this fight.

6 comentários:

sheila disse...

wait a second... what about the first step- "hire a maid who does this for you"?

pamela disse...

ya, i've been under some illusion about maids in brasil...(lots of my friends who lived there had them)..

and 3 days to dry?!

AkuTyger disse...

Maid was on vacation. You gotta make do sometimes.

Lisione disse...

I know how hard it is. But you are lucky because I did not have a washer when lived in Brasil. Had to send it out and sometimes pieces did not come back.I am loving this blog idea. Fabulous!The only thing is the backgound is too dark to read.

Anônimo disse...

someone is out here reading...moo.

Glennis disse...

Sounds like washing day is hard work for you, but sliding down the stairs on the dirty washing would be so much fun it would make up for the long hard day. A 3 day wait for things to dry is a long time, you just need a windy day to assist the drying process.