domingo, janeiro 03, 2010

I keep having to write this, but yes, yet again, I am not dead. A bit tired, yes, but not dead. The problem is I feel most inspired to write things in the afternoon, when, generally, I am not usually anywhere near a computer. This may come from my deep found need to avoid actual responsibilities I have to accomplish, like cleaning, planning and laundry. Also, it's vacation and rather than sit and type things I have been sitting and making things (sewing, cooking and otherwise, and admittedly also spending time in FARMVILLE on facebook which is admittedly a stupid way to spend my time, but I like it).

Recent discoveries that have taken my life into a more sewing machine based direction are oneprettything and threadbanger. If you aren't familiar with them, you should check them out. I made several xmas gifts based on ideas from these sites. Ju is the proud caretaker of Boogie the monster (also known as stupid creatures) and his small cat friend Cookie. I made them from his rainbow boutique crib sheet and the legs of a pair of pants that turned into capris and then turned into shorts. I made my dress for NYE out of some lovely fabric my mom gave me for my birthday. It took me three days of thinking and staring before I began to cut and sew and I changed my design 4 times while working on it and in the end used nearly EVERY SINGLE SCRAP of fabric I had cut - even the very small pieces were cut into strips and sewn into the ruffle style I have recently become obsessed with. I used this same ruffle technique to make a garland for our Xmas tree (still have to take that down) and to make gift bags. It's not very interesting but it looks really nice when it's done. I also learned shirring which as opened up new design possibilities.

I promise something more insightful later. Maybe.

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Anônimo disse...

Hello Aku Tyger,

My name is Ric. I have spent a month in Brazil. I just loved the country. I would like to spend some more time in the near future, some months, in order to know Brazil better.

I am thinking on the northeast, since I am looking for good weather, warm, beach, swim. I am a very relaxed guy, I like to swim, read, health life, beach, not big towns, quite palces, SAFE.

Do you suggest any place for a three months experience in Brazil?.

Thank you

AkuTyger disse...

Hi Ric, and welcome! If you want a quite place in the north east, I have to be honest, I don't have much experience outside of Salvador. I mostly stick close to home here. You might check out small beach cities north of here, such as Imbaçaí or Subauma. Both are pretty laid back but don't offer much in terms of diversion except going to the beach and reading. If you are willing to check out somewhere without a beach, I would suggest Chapada. I spent a week there walking around it was wonderful. I perfer Capão which is much smaller and there is really NOTHING to do except look at nature and read and eat fresh fruit by waterfalls, but many like Lençois as well, as it is more city like.

The Golden Papaya disse...

Hey Allison,
Your sewing is amazing! Ezra loves the creature you made for him. And he generally couldn't care less about dolls or stuffed animals.
Glad you guys could come the other day. That was a lot of fun.

Nellie disse...

Hello! Just bloghopping. Great blog!

Happy blogging! :)