domingo, setembro 21, 2008


(who left this cup on juice here to spill?, why are cars everywhere?)
"It didn was me!"

(it's time for bed, go sit down, put away that toy)
"No! I don't!"

Do all English speaking kids say these things, or is it a bilingual thing?

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Anônimo disse...

As I recall, you once told your dad, "My fart went up to the toilet all by its own self."

pamo disse...

ya, i think they all speak this way. and lots of times if i take the time to analyze it, what they are actually saying does make sense, in a very smart way. (for them to have worked it out that way).

markuza disse...

The other day Lucas woke up in the middle of the night sneezing and totally congested. I told him he had to blow his nose- "blow" I said. He said "Ah nao nao quero blow... eu ja blowei!"