domingo, março 09, 2008

A conversation between Ju and I this morning.

"Mommy, I wanna banana."

"Okay, do you want it squished?"

"Yes, I wanna squished banana with teetee" (tee tee is powdered milk)

"Okay, here you go - Ju-ju has to eat by himself because Ju is a big boy."

"Mommy help you?" (he never says "help me" only "help you" because it is a memorized chunk of language)

"Mommy will help you at the end. Ju has to eat by himself now."

"No, mommy help you at the end, no! Mommy help you ALL the time!"

Of course, this last phrase was too cute for me to take, and I did end up feeding him the banana.

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pamo disse...

ya, how can you resist 'mommy help you all the time'!