segunda-feira, janeiro 28, 2008

Wireless internet working means I can go all over the house with the computer. But mostly I just sit on the couch, which is about 8 feet from where I used to sit at the computer prewireless... I tried in the hammock, but it was kind of hard on the knees. I also tried in Ju's room but he kept trying to sit on it because everything in there he generally has free rein over. I sat at the table for a while, but everyone walking by on the way to the pool could see what I was doing, which although I am doing my best to not look at porn or anything, there are some questionable images on some of the forums I visit that I care not to share with the neighbors. So here I sit on the couch.

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Leo disse...

I wanna come hang out!!!!

I think I can find your house again....maybe. But for the last time, I need your phone number!

Send it to my email:

Or call me puweeeese.

I am a lonely gringo.

sheila disse...


i feel a "this week in bahia compares gringo and bahian bathing suits" post coming up ;)