quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2008

Calzones! I meant to try to post this before the new year. Didn't happen.

This is the mess. Ju helped to make it.

This is the dough. Who knew I could bake? Unfortunately, I had to squish it by hand because my rolling pin went missing. The Calzones were kind of on the thick side, but Ju liked to just eat the crust, so it still worked out well.

Here are the finished product. Lisa would be proud.

And here is the official crust tester, eating the edges off of his calzone before attacking mine and doing the same.

5 comentários:

pamo disse...

yum! they look great. reminds me that i should try to make them again sometime. so the new stove must be working pretty well!

A.L.R. disse...

Ju kinda looks like Peter Pan in this picture. Peter Pan likes calzones. That's pretty freakin' awesome.

Karin(a) disse...

I linked you too! And I loved your comment on how you listed my blog.

Ju looks really cute!

Love you both, I mean three : )
[even though I'm not around, know that my heart feels terribly guilty...]

pamo disse...

thanks for your comment on health care in brasil. see, that is the kind of response i was looking for...first hand experience...not all the other comments that followed. oh well. it's gone now. my experiment failed.

pamo disse...

where are you? have you been kidnapped? by the kidnapper doll?