sábado, fevereiro 03, 2007

tee tee - leite = milk (the powdered kind) to be eaten by the spoonful and in no other form

eh-peh-een = airplane : just repeated this morning

oh-pee = open

Ju has been testing his limits these days and is learning about "time-out," which seems to be very effective in some cases, but not so much when he can't quite make the connection that what he did was not allowed or not. Most of these cases are with regard to things he has not been punished for doing before - not putting away crayons, not staying out of the kitchen, running around with food in his hands, etc. With things like turning on the computer when told not to, playing with the television buttons when told not to, and wiggling on the lap, it has been pretty effective. Half the time O Maridão thinks I am being too harsh, and Ju knows this and calls "papai" when he doesn't get what he wants from "mamãe." I see it as his training so he's not one of those problem kids in preschool (I have so many).

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sheila disse...

hey that seems like a lot of english words...

also, i had no cable for a while, and i only got one channel, so i was forced to watch "supernanny" and "wife swap" every day. After seeing how those kids turned out (bad enough to be on TV), with their wimpy parents, i can assure you you're not being too harsh. At least he wont be one of thsoe brazilian kids that gets away with murder.