sábado, fevereiro 10, 2007

I have begun walking home from work twice a week with a couple of friends. I can get to my door in about 2 hours walking, and about 1 hour and 45 minutes if I jog a bit in the last stretch. It's hot, sweaty, and salty, but definately enjoyable and I feel much better now that I am definatetively doing something to get my body back, almost two years after Ju was born. We have noticed some of the same people at the same points in the route, also walking to one place or another. We chat about work and being married/in relationships and how alchohol is essencial in the kitchen. Real girl stuff I guess, something I had missed without realizing I was missing it. It also is helping me get over my fear of walking around by myself (although it is much easier since I have nothing on me that would make me a target, except if someone decided they wanted to steal my shoes), making me less of a reculse in the afternoons.

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A.L.R. disse...

When I was in Salvador I walked until my feet were raw. I walked in chaco's until the chaco's gave out. Then I switched to the havana's (dunno how to spell that) until -- two days later -- my feet had new blisters.

It's amazing how much you sweat just walking around in Salvador! U don't even have to run and you're working out!

Happy days on your new trail. Viva na via!

sheila disse...

woah, that is impressive! that is a long-ass walk, even when you take the bus part of the way. and when you say sweaty, i can only imagine...
wow. i think that's really good though, i'm glad you're out and about again :)