quarta-feira, setembro 09, 2009

Over the summer, Ju learned a song at Quaker meeting. It is a song I sang as a kid, written by a local folk singer called Carol Johnson. What they did in first day school that got him to learn it when I had sang it to him for years before hand, I will never know. This song is called "Love Grows." His first version went like this -

"Love grows, one by one, two by two, three by three and four by four...."

After a month of this, he had corrected it and would sing it at random in the car whenever he felt things were getting too quiet.

Then the other night, as I was putting him to bed and staying with him "just for five minutes, please please because I love you" (and then he bats those long eyelashes at you and gives you a silly smile), he began to sing it, whispering, in Portuguese. He sang the entire chorus, it seems, completely translated by himself.

"Amor crecer, um by um, dois by dois e quatro by quatro"
"Amor crecer, faz um ciculo e vai bater na sua porta na frente"

When I asked him later in the week if he had sang this song at school, thinking maybe his Portuguese teacher translated it (I shared the song with the whole school a couple of years ago and now everyone from grade 2 - 7 knows the lyrics and sang it for a school wide presentation), but he insists he figured it out himself. I will have to verify this, of course, before I get too excited about how cool this is.

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Anônimo disse...

beyond cool.

pamela disse...

well now thats really cool. smart kid.

**a kid from my neighborhood lives in bahia. i guess. i know nothing of where you live, and i'm sure i'm going to screw this up but he lives in pedernales? or something like that?

Corinne disse...


What have you decided about school for Ju? I am curious because I have been debating this with my own son, who will be 3 next month. He is in Portuguese-language only daycare and only gets English from me. He does really well, but I go back and forth about bi-lingual school or more English language opportunities. We try to get to the US about once every year or 2. What are your thoughts and experiences? Thanks, Corinne