segunda-feira, agosto 18, 2008

I started itching last Wednesday. Just a typical itchy spot. Then it got redder. Then it got bigger. Then it got little blisters. Then it spread to other points on my back. Then some of the blisters turn red and scabby and really gross looking. It started to burn and pulse painfully. I spent most of Sunday trying to dry out the blisters with a salt paste and got salt all over the house as a consequence. Now tomorrow morning I am going to try to emergency squeeze myself in between some patients at the dermatologist to see if what ever this is is 1) contagious and 2) something that can be treated. I'm a little more concerned about #1 right now, since it looks distinctly like Chicken Pox. But I had chicken pox when I was like... 5 or something. I still have the scars. I remember it, sort of. I was already at work for 2 weeks, 3 days worth of it itching - I hope none of my kids get it.

In other news, I have just returned from my first MA course, to be completed in the next two weeks. I have to type discussion notes for two chapters and read an additional article by tomorrow. I'm glad I at least already read the chapters - that helps.

3 comentários:

Leo disse...

Haha. I like the marcadores MA & weird rash. Somehow I think they're linked.

AkuTyger disse...

Yes, I bet they are.

markuza disse...

Hope it's not 'catapora' (sp?) I got chicken pox when I was 19 and it was horrible. Then again, it's probably worse when you're five, but that's when you're supposed to get it right? My brother-in-law got herpes-zóster, which is not an STD but an adult chicken pox, that you can get even if you've already had chicken pox. Better known as 'shingles' in English... maybe you knew all this already. Doesn't sound like fun though.