segunda-feira, maio 15, 2006

Welcome to the club. I now have official knowledge that out there exists a Brasilian ID with my name and photo on it. And keeping up with the red carpet, on my way home today, on my street in fact, during rush hour and infront of 5 witnesses, I was relieved of my cellphone by a woman and a man with a kitchen knife. This, after a doozy of a day at school (details which I cannot really post here out of respect for others), really puts life in perspective. Honestly I'm not even that upset about loosing it, but it kinda sucks to loose all those phone numbers. Some of them I don't have written anywhere else. After a few more assualts, I'm sure I'll start joking with the assualters, just to lighten the mood. The woman seemed very angry, which I think is the most upsetting thing. And I eat with those knives every day. Ug.

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Anônimo disse...

Puxa! Get out! Você já é Baiana. rsssss!

I still think that I'd be ready to kick the crap out of someone like that pair. The "opportunity" hasn't come about to see if I actually would. Ha. But I'm certain that the day is coming.

But I'm happy that no physical harm was done to you, ... mentally I hope all is well also!

Desejo mais paz, saúde, e alegria pra você.
Kev (yes that one, ... the bandanas!)

A Girl disse...

And as I stated before, you give me names and I will put the hurt out. No one messes with my favorite brasilians! NO ONE!