quarta-feira, abril 12, 2006

Old life versus new life: I finally came up with the meaning of that damn dream. I am in the airport, on my way to Brasil, and some pet of mine escapes in the airport. I have to decide to either miss my plane and catch it, or just go along without it and probably never see it again. I never did do either, so it was always a very disturbing dream. I had it repetitively right before I moved here, and for several months after, and then a variation of it during the last months I was pregnant with Ju. In this version, I would be chasing the cats through a hospital and I had to find a certain room. Every time I would find it, the cats would disappear again and by the time I found them, I would have lost my way to the room. Finally, I found the cats in a room full of other cats. These cats were their friends and I decided they would be okay hanging out with these cats until I could come back for them. When I woke up, I remembered this and then every time that dream came back, I was able to insert the knowledge that they would be okay and wait there for me into the dream. It's been a long time since I had that dream.

While talking to my father the other night, I suddenly analyzed the whole meaning, which I am rather excited about. The cats or pets were my old life, the life I had in the States, and the flight or the room was my new life. Do I leave the old life behind, never to be see again? Do I miss the new life to keep track of the old life? If I leave the old life, will it be okay without me? Neat, huh? Took my almost a year to figure it out, but at least now I know what it means.

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A Girl disse...

I find myself in the midst of that same sort of dilemma. Only my old life comes downtown to get me drunk and make fun of me. My new life tells me he adores me and makes me caipirinas. Growing up is hard, but it's growing forward and missing the past that makes it harder.

Eli disse...

Hi, you should be writing more and more often. I enjoy reading your blog!