domingo, julho 18, 2004

So much to tell and so little time to remember.  This past week was the EFL conference in Salvador.  It was a lovely time, but has made me realize that I have more theory than probably most do here, and I think I can teach others a lot of it, if given the chance.  I hope I get it. 
Darling Kerido Kevyn has come and gone.  He spent a week in Salvador, wandering about with us, eating here in our kitchen, and making out with our friend Marina to whom we introduced him.  Hopefully they will find eachother when he comes back for another week at the end of August before he goes back to the Southern end to work his little buns off again.  Poor thing, I hope teaching doesn't get the better of him.
We acquired a hammock while in Praia do Forte a couple of weeks ago, and now the cats think it is a fun place to hang out.  I sit in it on the porch and read journal articles with Ona snoring between my legs.  If there weren't  kids listening to the same damn techno song by the pool right beside our porch, it would be heaven - " The book is on the table.  Ta ta ta ta ta table, everybody on the table. ta ta ta ta ta table, ta ta ta ta ta table."  A tribute to EFL in Brasil.
Now everyone is asleep on the bed but me.  I have got to get off this damn computer. 

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