sábado, junho 19, 2004

Minor update. Well, not really that minor.

We finally went to the cartorio on Friday with all the documents for us to get married. With all the red tape, which isn't that much when you get down to it (bumps excluded), it was a relatively strait forward process of filling out computer screens and telling the woman there the information that went in them. Some fun irony -
* With all the fuss for the right documents, legalized by the consulate, and translated into Portuguese, the woman more often asked us what information when where and we just told her - we could have told her I came from the moon, as long as she didn't check the birth certificate, which she did once to get the correct spelling of ELIZABETH.
* As soon as we walked into the office, the woman remembered Meuamor's name from when he had been there two months ago, but had to redo the form upon completion because she had filled it out as if he was the gringo and I was the Brasileira.

so mark the calenders - August 19th at 8:30 AM...

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